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    I know what it’s like to live a good life, a life with lots of friends and filled with good experiences.  A truly content life.  And, yet, still feel a bit “off”. Not quite there … not complete.


    So, I pursued many spiritual and self-development avenues and felt good about most of them. Resonating with some more than others. I moved to a new city. I started a new job. I let go of some of my friends and started creating some new ones. I became a certified yoga teacher. The real turning point for me was during a healing with my spiritual teacher Dennis Adams. I received a profound insight that changed how I viewed all I had done and all I intended to do. Through this healing, I realized how deep had been my preoccupation with trying to shape myself into what others wanted. I had been living a life molding myself into what would make others happy. (Or, what I thought would make them happy.) This preoccupation had governed my life. But no more.


    I grew stronger. I pulled away from being reactive to being self-aware and in receptive mode, aligning with source. I came to know that I am a true creator of my life experience. As Dennis explained it, I was a new person now. I had fundamentally changed, and I was now living life as “Paige One”, the original version of myself, the original blueprint of myself created by God …  the “One”.  That insight has fueled major changes in myself. While I still feel pulled occasionally by old habits of Paige Two, the version of myself that tried to please everyone else before I pleased myself, the change has taken hold. I am the original me, connected to source, the One.  And, that is a happiness that cannot be measured. But… it can be shared.


    And that is what I hope to do here, share my true Self. A self that loves connection, that loves creativity, that loves angels, that loves children, that loves God, and … that loves Myself.