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    As part of being in the human body, there is a tendency to get distracted. Distracted with work, relationships, being busy, technology, information overload… All of these distractions keep us from hearing our own intuitive guidance.


    When we are aligned and tuned to the vibration of who we really are, things are flowing.


    You’re at the right place at the right time.

    You’re feeling good.

    Gaining momentum.

    As Abraham Hick’s would say, You’re in the Vortex. 

    The secret spot where all of your dreams and wishes are, ready for you to receive.

    My Angels have been a huge part of my journey.

    I connect with them daily for Love, Support and Guidance.

    They have a big sense of humor!

    Angels have made my life so much lighter, brighter and clear.

    We all have angels around us. Angels can help you in both big and small ways. They can help you become more clear about your purpose, can support you in staying calm in difficult situations, can even help you find a parking space in a crowded parking lot. 


    Angels love us so much and want to be of service by helping us along our journey. They help us get into alignment & stay there.

    When you’re in a hurry and have lost your keys, you can call on your angels to help you find them.


    You can't seem to get your necklace clasped, call on your angels for assistance

    You’re about to have a big meeting at work, call on your angels to calm you and support you.

    You’re running late to the airport for your flight and there’s a bunch of rush-hour traffic, call on your angels for smooth & timely arrival.

    While everyone has the ability to contact their angels themselves, sometimes it really helps to have a neutral person assist in contacting these spiritual guides to get you started.

    I am happy to assist you in starting the conversation with these wonderful divine beings. If you wish to give this a try - you can submit a question below. The angels, messengers from the divine realm, may have the perfect message for you. 

    The fact that you have been led to this page is a message in itself that your angels are trying to get your attention! Enjoy!

    Paige tunes in for a response to your question. The answer can include anything from a vision she sees of you to one of your guardian angels appearing. It all depends on where you are at in your journey and what the Angels want you to know or see at this time.

    Your name and information will stay anonymous to the public. Both "email address" and "Ask your question" boxes are required. Paige will get back to you as soon as possible... Always in Divine Timing!

    Angel Questions & Answers.

    March 19, 2018

    Dear Angels,


    Is the business I am being brought into a good choice for me?

    Will I be successful in my sales career?

    -Career Focused


    Dear Career Focused,


    What immediately came through was a story that I heard not too long ago. There was a car salesman that was renowned for his selling and numbers. He almost always sold more cars than the other guys. He was unlike any other salesmen. He was personable, went above and beyond to build relationships, took a real true interest in each individual. He said he never went into his workday focused on the sale or meeting numbers.


    He focused on being who he really is which was a good guy that was good to others. Building relationships. Making connections. And he trusted. He trusted that just because one person walked away today, didn't mean they weren't going to come back or something + would come as a result somehow. That which you put out is what comes back to you.


    I immediately could feel what a light worker you are. The Angels want you to know that this industry you're going into is cut-throat. Your soul has decided to take this on, so yes you are exactly where you are supposed to be with this career path. Don't let it eat you alive. Driving sales, doing unethical shit or being competitive is not what's going to make you thrive. Just Being Who You Are is going to make you crazy successful.


    You've got this. Connecting, relationship building & being in the flow are part of your innate nature. Just keep flowing with it and being you. You will without a doubt be a success at this.


    The Angels are honored that you have reached. Always available to you and just a thought or prayer away. Call on them anytime.


    Sending you so much Love,


    the Angels


    For more in depth understanding and guidance from the Angels, you can register for a personal session. We are always here for you & awaiting your call! Xo

    Question 7

    Career Focused

    March 06, 2018

    Dear Angels,

    I have been through a lot the past few years. Lots of transformation in relationships, career, beliefs and money. But it is okay now. I learned a lot, I got stronger and I not only lost but gained lots of things. This year my goal is to get grounded again, healthy and happy.

    How to know If I should let him go or keep fighting? If it is worth all the trouble. If there is a silver lining? Thank you.

    -Ready to Live


    Ready to Live,


    I saw you shooting down a rainbow slide laughing, filled with wonder and excitement. The rainbow slide continued and you were in a water park. The slide just kept going and you were having an absolute blast!


    You used to play and adventure. That's part of your true energy signature.


    You know the answer to this question.


    However, your angels want to give it to you straight. You've done enough enduring. Time to fully embody all of these shifts. You are now your original version. Let this relationship and anything else bringing out your second version fall away.


    You've got this!


    We love you so so much.


    the Angels

    For more in depth understanding and guidance from the Angels, you can register for a personal session. We are always here for you & awaiting your call! Xo

    Question 6

    Ready to Live

    February 27, 2018

    Dear Angels,

    What does father want me to do now?

    -Finding the Way


    Finding the Way,

    I saw you on the top of a cave that was covered in bright green grass and flowers. You were a little boy, innocent and sweet. You sat admiring the flowers and butterflies zooming around. Your father came into the picture and he whisked you away from your present moment joy of the moment. He carried you down the hill and into the cave.


    What the Angels are saying from this vision is that your father has contributed to you losing your way. Instead of asking what does father want? You should be asking what do I want/think is best & know is the right thing to do? You DO know. There is this sense that there is a family crisis or tension going on. To resolve and transmute this darkness, come back to yourself. Begin asking yourself what's next? Call on your Angels for support and guidance. When you do this it helps you, your father and all involved. It will take courage & may be rocky at points but keep going. This is the only way moving forward.


    Your Guardian Angel has been by your side your whole life. She's ready and waiting for your call.


    We love you very much!

    the Angels

    For more in depth understanding and guidance from the Angels, you can register for a personal session. We are always here for you & awaiting your call! Xo

    Question 5

    Finding the Way

    February 14, 2018

    Dear Angels,

    How do I let someone go that constantly tries to remain in my life ? What should I look forward to when it comes to my love life ? Will it be a thing of the past or something new? How long will I be single ? Am I ready or should I take my time ?

    -Heart Heavy


    Dear Sweetest Heart,

    The reason he keeps showing up is because there is some part of you that is getting somethinggg from his re-appearing. The attention, the feeling of being wanted, the familiarity. Your angels want you to know that you can attain these feelings without this guy that is no longer suited for you.

    Give yourself the attention & care you want. When was the last time you sat down and journal-ed it out? Listened to your souls deepest desires. Grab a cute journal & pen and just let the words flow out of you! Go on a date night with yourself. Dress up, go to a fun restaurant/ bar & order your favorite cocktail and a dessert. Bring your journal and chill.

    You are wanted and cared for by the wholeness... all. the. time. You have grown so much and you are ready for a balanced relationship that is not a tug of rope affair.

    Once you become aware of what you are getting out of his reappearing you'll be able to set him free. Make it a Period. You are ready!

    Your being knows everything that you desire in a relationship. Moving forward focus on what you Do want and not on what you don't want.

    You have a guardian Angel named Jonathan that is always available to you. He said when you're doubting your love life or have questions you can call on him for guidance. He has a grade A Bull-Shit radar. Lol. He knows how to spot quality!!

    I'm hearing 3 months is the amount of time you'll be single. It will be extended/you'll go through some unnecessary crap if you lower your standards. Being "alone" is not a bad thing. We must get to know the self before we can attract in our soulmate.

    You can start writing love letters to your Soulmate now. Even though you haven't met yet, you can send him loving energy through your thoughts and prayers. He will get the message :) He is growing and preparing to be united with you as well.

    Visualize: What kind of person are you with this soulmate of yours? How does she carry herself, dress, who does she spend her time with? What kind of girl does he want to be with? Show up as her Now!

    We LOVE You!! & are always here for you.

    the Angels

    For more in depth understanding and guidance from the Angels, you can register for a personal session. We are always here for you & awaiting your call! Xo

    Question 4

    Heavy Heart

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